Gifted Enrichment Services

Kilgour Elementary School is rated Excellent by the State of Ohio. Our school supports its gifted students by providing enrichment services to identified students. Kilgour maintains a tradition of excellence by offering a challenging curriculum to our diverse student population.



A gifted person is someone who shows, or has potential for showing, an exceptional level of performance in one or more areas.

Superior Cognitive Students

Scored at least two standard deviations above the mean, minus the standard error of measurement, on an approved standardized group intelligence test.

Enrichment Services

Enrichment services are provided for Kilgour students who qualify. An Enrichment Education Plan is put into place which offers differentiation within the classroom as well as enrichment pull-out services based on the areas of qualification.


Teachers modify lessons to meet the needs, interests and abilities of all students. Consideration of assessment data provides the information to adapt the curriculum elements of content, process and product.

Challenge Bell

The Gifted Intervention Specialist provides an additional bi-weekly 30 minute pull-out for students who demonstrate a need for academic enrichment. Common Core Standards in Reading and Math are the primary focus during these sessions.

Matrix Resource Room

The Kilgour Gifted Intervention Specialist provides added enrichment instruction for students who qualify in more than one area. The Resource Room offers a Thinking Skills Program which focuses on:

  • Deductive Thinking
  • Convergent Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Evaluative Thinking
  • Visual Perceptions
  • Technology Skills

Examples of Enrichment Products:

  • Chain Reacton Contraptions
  • Stock Market
  • ABC Architecture for Children
  • Clay Animation
  • Brain Bowl
  • Robotics

How Parents Can Support Their Gifted Child

Raising and nurturing a gifted child can be an exciting yet daunting task. A gifted child often develops cognitively at a much faster rate than they develop physically and emotionally, posing some interesting challenges. The key to raising a gifted child is respect — respect for their uniqueness, respect for their opinions and ideas, and respect for their dreams.

For more information contact:

Principal at Kilgour School — Angela Cook Frazier
Gifted Intervention Specialist at Kilgour School — Michelle Kowalski