School Expectations

Kilgour School-Wide Expectations provide procedures and guidance for all students to allow for a positive school environment. Parents and students are asked to review expectations quarterly.

Location Expectation # 1
Expectation # 2
Expectation # 3
  • Arrive on time using the designated door.
  • Meet your parents outside at dismissal.
  • Report to designated area/location.
  • Hold the door for the person behind you.
  • After school/early dismissal plans must be given to the office or teacher in the morning.
  • Walk on the sidewalk.
  • Remember safety rules when walking home.  
  • Observe traffic signals.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.  
  • Sit with bottom on either the seat of the chair or the floor.
  • Be good listeners.
  • Respond with appropriate applause.
  • Keep voices silent during presentation.
  • Keep hands, feet and food to yourself.
  • Remain seated.
  • Raise hands to be dismissed or for assistance.
  • Use kind words and a quiet voice.
  • Eat only your own food.
  • Clean your table area.
  • Leave all food in the cafeteria.
  • Keep area clean.
  • Walk with quiet feet and quiet voices.  
  • Face forward in a straight, single file line.  
  • Carry a hall pass when not with an adult.
  • Leave a space between you and the person in front of you.  
  • Respect the learning environment of classrooms.
  • Walk to the right of the hallway.  
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.  
  • Look with your eyes only at the wall displays.
  • Follow playground rules.  
  • Follow adult instructions.  
  • On In-Days remain in assigned rooms.  
  • Computers are off limits on In-days.
  • Invite others to play.
  • Share equipment.  
  • Use kind words.  
  • Find an adult to settle disputes.
  • Return equipment at end of recess.  
  • Line up quickly and quietly in ABC order.
  • Wash your hands and turn off water.  
  • Carry a hall pass when not with your teacher.
  • Knock on stall doors.  
  • Give others privacy.  
  • Use quiet voices.
  • Flush toilet when finished.  
  • Observe “1 click soap & 3 clicks towels” rule.
  • Throw towels in trash.